Sections - Building Surveys

PCA offers a professional surveying solution for building interiors including. floor plan, elevation and section surveys. We use the most up-to date laser surveying instruments to provide accurate room measurement, no matter how complex the building.

Measured rooms surveys are ordered into a structural view so that designers obtain a clear overview of the building they are working with.

Floor plan and other data of buildings and landmarks can be recorded along with objects found on them. Their attributes can be listed in a pre-defined structural form.

Floating, or ghost layers, can be used to record additional details for recording historic buildings and monuments, and to provide a greater level of detail for architects and designers.

Surveying can be planned to be efficient and easy for busy occupied buildings. PCA surveyors are experienced in working in sensitive locations including Churches, Hospitals and Major Public Buildings.

Sectional Elevation Surveys

Building Section Surveys