Why use land surveyors ? - Surveying

Fit for Purpose, Accuracy and Security.

Maps exist in a variety of guises. They are created for different purposes and are derived from many sources.They vary in scale and in content. Some are schematic only. Some are merely symbolic. Some maps are quantitative and others are qualitative. Not all maps are compatable with each other. Every map has a specific purpose.

Discuss with your Surveyor the purpose of your mapping and survey requirements. Allow him to use his expertise to design the best methodology, techniques and standards to be employed. It will create greater efficiencies in data collection, time spent in the field and in the processing and presentation of information.This will result in a more cost effective survey for your purposes and the security of knowing that you have used the right professional for the job at hand.

This security is vital for the other professionals who come after and use the survey information as the basis of their designs.

 Survey Accuracy

It is also gives you the security of knowing that if the information is challanged by a third party you have a professional who having applied best practice, can stand over his work.

Using a surveyor as part oif your design team means you can cusomise and program work to yield the highest efficiencies - getting the right amount of survey work done where, how and when it is needed.

Surveyors are needed for:

At PCA we are happy to be part of your design team and can assist in all or part of the above.