Converter - Other Measurements

PCA have provided some simple to use tools which may be of benifit in convertng data.

How to use.
Simply type the value into the box for that unit and the corresponding values will appear in to other values.
For example: If you want to convert 5 chains into fathoms, tupe 5 in the box next to chain and read the value (55) in the fathom box.

To clear all values delete the value in any box.

kilometer [km]:
meter [m]:
mile [mi, mi(Int)]:
nautical mile (int.):
league [lea]:
fathom [fath]:
rod [rd]:
furlong [fur]:
chain [ch]:
yard [yd]:


Other Tools

Converters are provided "as is" from Accelware, Inc PCA can not warrent their accuracy.

If you need to rely on your data contact Paul Corrigan and Associates Ltd.