Property Registration Authority (PRA) - Surveying

PCA provide a full range of property registration mapping services including first registrations and rectification of old deed maps.

Since the foundation of the Land Registry in 1892, there has been a gradual, ongoing and continuous programme of movement away from the system of recording Deeds to the 'title registration' system provided through the Land Registry.

The PRA replaced the Registrar of Deeds and Titles as the "registering authority" in relation to property registration in Ireland.

The main functions of the new PRA are to manage and control the Registry of Deeds and the Land Registry and to promote and extend the registration of ownership of land. The PRA also operates the Ground Rents Purchase Scheme under the Landlord and Tenant Acts.

Land Registry maps are based on the Ordnance Survey maps for the State. The scales in use are mainly 1:10560 (6" to one mile), 1:2500 (25.344 ins. to one mile) and 1:1000. National Grid values are shown on the 1/1000 scale maps.

The Land Registry map is an Index map and identifies properties not boundaries . Section 85 of the Registration of Title Act, 1964, provides that the description of the land on the Registry Map (unless otherwise stated) shall not be conclusive as to the boundaries or extent of the land.

A professional survey is the best way to determine and record the exact boundaries of a property. This applies to dense urban areas where boundaries for valuable property may not be clear on the OS maps. It also applies to rural areas where trees and hedges make boundaries difficult to determine.