SCC Survey - Surveying

PCA are equipped with a the full range of up to date hardware and software for use both in the field and in the office.

Our hardware field kits include GPS and the latest reflector-less laser technology.

In order to provide our clients with high quality survey data in whatever form is easiest for them to use we are equipped with both industry wide software packages such as AutoCAD , LisCad, Carlson, GeoMensura, Ski pro, Leica Geo Office and other packages such as SCC.

SCC Survey

Survey Control Centre (SCC), from Atlas Computers has been adopted as the by the QBN office as its preferred specification. PCA have used SCC on many of its projects including the River Dodder Survey and also for part of the M1 and M50 Leopardstown surveys.

SCC is but one of the many software packages used by PCA to enable us to meet our clients land surveying needs.

Whatever your surveying needs, PCA have the skill and the tools to meet them in the most cost efficient way for you.