Topographic Surveys

Initially PCA's primary business was in providing detailed topographical surveys for the construction and transportation sector. While we have extended our expertise we retain an unsurpassed level of skill in land surveying.

We are experienced in surveying:

All our staff are qualified and experienced surveyors using the most up to date technology. Our equipment includes the most modern total stations, full reflectorless laser technology and satellite positioning systems.

 Topographic Surveys

We can support both IG75 or ITM as the primary National grid.

We can help clients develop survey specifications so that they meet your needs in the most cost effective manner.

This includes documenting all cartographic, naming, and DTM requirements explicitly.

PCA have a documented set of QA procedures to enable both the surveyor and client to verify the correctness of the survey work. This includes

  • allowing for independent check surveys to check accuracy and completeness.
  • procedures to verify the 2d and 3d digital data supplied.
  • provision of sufficient redundant measurements to quickly identify common survey errors .
  • to include facade surveys, internal surveys, engineering surveys, legal mapping, land registry mapping and boundary disputes.